Saturday, March 8, 2008

Whew, what a ride!

My panels, 116 and 78:

The past few months have been so enriching for me. I have always liked to do art in any form and decided to do it fulltime in 2007. In October I was accepted as one of over 150 artists to participate in a mosaic mural called Glory of Horses. This was to be 16' by 20' consisting of 240 panels 12" by 16". Each panel would be a section of the mural corresponding to that number (I received panels 78 + 116). The Mother Image was not to be revealed to the artists until the unveiling to the public. This was to keep the artists from 'painting to the image'. The concept was to have the artists look at their panels, interpret what they said to them, and paint accordingly. All panels were to represent the glory of horses throughout the ages in some form or another.

Right after I was accepted to be a part of the Creation Team, I received a fortune in my fortune cookie that said "Look with favor upon a bold beginning." An omen! Then a couple of weeks later I got another one saying "Your road to glory will be rocky, but fulfilling." I took this as a truly meant-to-be situation. I must say this adventure has been great fun!

I received my panels on Feb 20 and took the day just looking at them in order for them to 'talk' to me. You can see the results on my website Sue's Art. They will receive them back on March 10, in transit as I 'speak'. The unveiling of the mural will be held at the Midwest Horse Fair, Madison, Wisconsin, April 18-20, 2008. After that it will go to the Museum at Churchill Downs to be displayed for a few weeks before, during, and after the Kentucky Derby. After the Derby it will begin its 3 year worldwide tour. For more information about the mural, how it came to be, what it represents, go here: Glory of Horses

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