Monday, December 8, 2008

Fellow Artists, scam emails, online auction ripoffs

Fellow artists, beware of a scam that could hurt you. It is from someone wanting to purchase your art and since they have their own shipping company, they do not want the price to include shipping. If you get an email that mentions the above, run.

I got one like that (same wording) and I conversed with them. I was leery because of scammers, but maybe, just maybe, it could be a true buyer. I looked at the phone number which was UK, but the most recent person to look at my site was from, get this,
N I G E R I A, no one from the UK. But this person has to have gone to my site to see the names of my paintings, so why no UK? We got to the point of him wanting my information, and I just never answered him back, figuring if he was for real he'd pursue it further. Never heard from him again. So go back through your site stats and see who was looking just before they sent you the email. Bet it was Nigeria.

Just be careful if you see emails that are misworded, bad grammar, etc. Research them before you commit to anything like giving them your personal information so they 'can send a US check directly to your bank.' Yeah right.

Another thing is you need to go to the online auctions, there are many, and check out the artwork. Many cross stitchers who sell patterns are selling your paintings. Go through each one and see if your work is being stolen off the internet. You can get them kicked off the auction site if they are. Please report them, let's get them off the internet. They have no business stealing from us like that. Most will tell you that they didn't know. Yes, they knew, they just got caught and if you say, well just don't do it again, they WILL do it again. You can also make them pay a percentage of what they have already sold. Keep that in mind.

People, it is NOT OK to pull stuff off the internet unless you contact the artist and get permission in writing to use that image. It is a copyright infringement. Most artists will give you that permission, depending on what it will be used for. Please ask.

Also beware of those paintings sold by 'the original artist' from China. This is your art being ripped off. Buyer, please do not purchase these items, they are actually stolen artwork.