Monday, October 27, 2008

Calico Ghost Town, Western Art Show

"Back Off", acrylic, 14x18.
"Looking", 8x8 Acrylic

"Tidbit" 6x7.5, acrylic.

If anyone is in the area, I will be at Calico Ghost Town, Yermo, California, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Halloween weekend) selling my wares. I will have 10 original paintings and prints for sale. Come by and say Hi!
The above paintings are for sale on my site as well as the show in Calico.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Storm Horses: "Panic"

This is my newest painting, acrylic, 14x24 on Hardboard. Something has spooked the horses, ....the wind is blowing, the dust swirling....., and they are running for their lives. This painting is for sale on my site
This is number 2 in my Storm Horses series. The first one was finished and sold to a friend several years ago. I love horses running during a storm and will probably do more within this series.