Sunday, August 24, 2008

DeBeque Wild Horse Days

Just returned from Wild Horse Days. If you have never been there, it is quite the experience! A very small town, it is the only Wild Horse Sanctuary City in the United States. During the venue there is a parade (some of the horses are BLM wild horses), vendors, singers, atv poker runs, mud bog racing, dancing in the street at dusk, and of course, BLM wild horses on display. These are not just any wild horses, they have been tamed and were very comfortable around people. You need to watch them interacting with people, it is totally amazing. You would never know they had no contact with humans until about a year ago.

I did very well as a vendor, selling my Mule Ears Grand Canyon original painting, prints, and also got 3 commissions. It may be a very small town, but the people there have huge hearts and make everyone feel welcome.

If you have a vacation planned for next year, DeBeque, Colorado, Wild Horse Days should be one quaint stop on your trip. Maybe I will see you there!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wild Horse Days & The Horse Gift Unveiling

August 23rd I will be in DeBeque, Colorado, Wild Horse Days, as a vendor. If you are in the area on Saturday, please come by and say Hi!!! I have never been at this venue before but have heard nothing but wonderful things about it. This venue is a fundraiser to help the wild mustangs that are in the area. Please come by and enjoy the festivities that they will be providing. I will have original paintings, prints, and notecards for sale there and look forward to the nice weather and wonderful people.

The Horse Gift Mural Mosaic, Le Cadeau du Cheval, will be unveiled at Spruce Meadows on September 3rd! Only a few more weeks and we will see what the entire mural looks like. There is a teaser of the horse's face on the
Spruce Meadows site.

Friday, August 8, 2008

8 Minutes of Peace, 08-08-08

Today the winners were announced for the 8 Minutes of Peace contest. The contest had 64 entries that were juried down to only 20 entries. My entry became one of the top 20 considered for the Grande Prize. Today I found out that mine was one of the runners-up. I am so excited! This is such an honour for me. If you wish to see what the contest was all about, the 64 original entries, the top 20, and the winners, please go to