Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Calico Western Art Show, Calico Art Gallery

Just returned from a very successful weekend at Calico Ghost Town. During the venue, the promoters had an art show and my Panic was entered into Acrylics. It won! And it also won the People's Choice! I am so very excited. The awards are really great tile-on-wood plaques and will have a place of honor in my home.

The Calico Art Gallery also asked to be able to represent me in their gallery and have taken 5 paintings and prints to display. The paintings they have are: Panic, Getting Ready, Desert Canaries, Naptime, and Reassurance. These can be seen on this page on my site.... http://www.sues-art.com/calico.html
I am also finishing up another 'Boots and Spurs' painting and a mustang wearily walking in a high wind. These will be finished and available in a few days.

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